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"My first time stepping into the office really made me feel like family. Dr. Bill and his knowledge is really off the charts!! I've been bragging about his office all around town. I really appreciate his care for my Back. The hours are great for people who work late like myself. A Very Very big Thank You!!"


"Your back muscles are some of the most powerful and biggest muscles in your body. Wouldn't you want your back to be in the hands of a expert? Dr. Schroeder is a caring, down to earth chiropractor that wisdom and knowledge are far surpassed than any other doctor that I have known. Dr. Schroeder has been my doctor for over 25 years. He has never let me down. Whenever I am in pain I know I can always count on Dr. Schroeder to put his expertise to work and begin the healing process! I recently fell about three weeks ago. It was a very bad fall right on my lower back. As soon as I fell on a Sunday morning I was able to call Dr. Schroeder on his cell phone and tell him what happened. He was able to calm me down and put me at ease, as I was in extreme pain. The next day I was in his office beginning the healing process. Today I am 75% better for an injury that might have taken 6-8 weeks before noticeable improvement, had I not gone and seen Dr. Schroeder asap! If you have never tried chiropractic care, and are weary you can put yourself at ease and see Dr. Schroeder.... Do your back a favor ~ you will be in the best care possible!!"

Stephanie G.

"Dr. Schroeder is the only chiropractor I have ever seen who has skills which deliver promised results. For more than ten (10) years he has cared for my spine, neck and related muscle system(s) and without fail his recommendations for lifestyle changes and his in office care has improved the quality of my life. I began seeing him years ago when I suffered with chronic lower back pain which would eventually land me in the Emergency Room, shots with muscle relaxants and 7-10 days on my back on the floor taking various forms prescription drugs, hoping and waiting for the spasms to stop. (This would happen every year or so when I was in my thirties) And the muscle pain and work stress etc. seemed to feed each other. Then I came to Dr. Schroeder's office. My mother and her friend made me drive from North Jersey to see him. And I have made the trip ever since. At 50, I have more back, neck and muscle health than ever before. I have not been to an ER because my spasms were so bad that I couldn't pick up my legs to walk. No shots, no prescriptions.... Excellent muscle care, spine and neck adjustments keep me healthy and pain free. And, MY Back will tell me if I've waited too long between appointments... I always feel better after my visits to "Schroeds and Cindy"! I just came off the slopes today, skiing double black diamonds happened because of the health and maintenance of my spine and supporting muscles. I couldn't do it without my proper gear, and without the EXCELLENT care and treatment provided by Dr. Schroeder. I live more than an hour north of Manville, and I have and will continue to make the trip. My well-being and access to the Best Chiropractic Care is worth the trip. Best wishes to the Dr. and Cindy who I hope understand how the care at Manville Chiropractic Center has left me pain free for years. It is truly a gift to have a doctor whose words and actions really do result in improved health, well-being and freedom. You can't go wrong with Dr. Schroeder's integrated approach to back, neck and lifestyle health. Best Always to "Schroeds and Cindy" for their great care over the years. PS. I'll try not to be late for the next appointment. :) "

Bonita B.

"I have only been a patient of Dr. Bill's for a little over a month now. When I first met with him and did all the preliminary tests, the dynometer (grip test) showed my strength to be 70 in my left hand and 35 in my right hand. I have cervical disk herniations and was getting bad headaches as a result of my injuries. I wasn't sure if chiropractic was going to work for me, but today I AM A BELIEVER!!! Dr. Bill had to re-evaluate me for my car insurance today. My grip test results were left hand 80 and right hand 85!!!! That has more than doubled in strength!!! Thank you so much for giving me my strength back!"

Debbie W.

"Dr. Bill has helped me tremendously with my lumbar spine, thoracic spine and neck ailments over the past 10 years. Dr. Bill's professionalism and vast knowledge base shows his commitment to providing his patient's with the best care. Dr. Bill is on top of his game in providing his patients with the latest and greatest treatments through the many conferences he attends. Dr. Bill puts concentration on stretching, conservative measures, muscle stimulation, and not just manipulation of one's body part. Massage therapy is also a pleasant option at Manville Chiropractic Center. It would be totally unfair not to mention Cindy, "Dr. Bill's right hand", who is also very professional and caring. Cindy always finds a way to fit me into their busy schedule for one of my acute events separate from my routine maintenance. Not to mention, both Dr. Bill and Cindy recently came in on their day off to treat me and then Cindy drove me home to my doorstep. Couldn't ask for better care than that!! Dr. Bill and Cindy also make it a point to not only care for their patient's but all the people in their community through events they hold in and out of their practice. Dr. Bill and Cindy are like family to me. They are always friendly, concerned about how you are doing, and willing to lend a helping hand or "ear"!! I could not recommend a better practice for chiropractic care!! They will have me as their patient for life!!"

Maureen R.

"Dr. Bill has made me pain-free with his gentle care. I appreciate his sense of humor, which makes things feel better. Cindy is the best, always considerate and understanding."

Linda B.

"I just want to say how pleased I have been with your office. I needed an emergency appointment and you fit me in and did not make me feel like it was inconvenient. You explained everything to me which I really appreciate. You both are so professional and welcoming. I am now on the road to recovery and just want to say thank you. I will be a long time patient."

Daniel E.

"Thank you both Dr. Bill and Cindy for always being welcoming and helpful. Whether I have an insurance question, need help with a migraine, or advice on dietary supplements, I have always had positive interactions. I always receive accurate information and feedback. On a personal note, I will never forget how helpful and understanding you both were with mom. Thanks for being there over the years."

Elisa D.

"Dr. Bill has helped me a great deal. I used to suffer from terrible migraine headaches and with his chiropractic care, they are so much better. A big thanks to him for improving my lifestyle. It's always a pleasure getting adjustments in such a friendly and accommodating environment!"

Colleen C.

"I first met Dr. Bill and Cindy a good 24 years ago, when my mom was a patient. Over time I began seeing Dr. Bill, as did my brother, sister, grandmother, uncle, aunt... my entire family. Over the course of years, he was always the one we turned to. His professionalism and knowledge are unmatched, and Cindy makes every single visit enjoyable. Even more so than his chiropractic ability, the greatest thing about Dr. Bill (and Cindy) is they true care. Not just about your injury or your treatment, but about YOU as a person. They become family themselves, always asking how you are and talking about life, actually listening and caring. They make you truly feel welcome, as a person and not just a patient. Add to that how great of a Doctor that Dr. Bill is, and you have one amazing chiropractic practice. "

Edward K.

"My husband introduced me to Dr. Bill almost 10 years ago. We have been going there regularly ever since. Our son has been a patient since he was just a couple of months old. At 5 years old and having been in daycare/ pre-school all of his life, he rarely gets sick. In fact, we all rarely get sick thanks to our regular adjustments. Dr. Bill fixed my carpal tunnel syndrome with nothing but adjustments and ice which meant I didn't need to take any time from work. Both Dr. Bill and Cindy are always ready to listen, too. They seem to offer multiple types of therapy. I would recommend their office to anyone suffering from just about any ailment from a headache to a backache. Thanks for everything."

Theresa C.

"Dr. Bill my Miracle Worker :) ! After suffering a Back & Neck injury for several months decided to finally get help. After the very first visit my neck was 90% Better & my back 75%. Now after a few visits I feel better than I have in years!! Highly recommend this pleasant & caring DR. & his extremely pleasant staff! Wish I had gone sooner!!"

Joanne B.

Located on the south side of Manville next to CVS Plaza.

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